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Top Black Business Women – 5 Of The Most Influential Colored Women Paving The Way

Hello My Beautiful Black Babes…

Today I want to give some inspiration to my women of color. I sometimes know society can be hard on us but it’s just because we are smart, beautiful and don’t take shit from anyone. So, now I’m going to use this platform to talk about some of the most influential black women in the world today.

I am hoping that this will serve as motivation for you to know you are capable of achieving great things and no one can stop you but yourself. As the saying goes, “Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.” – Gautama Buddha.

You have to be willing to accept what is and do what you can to make your life better. So, let’s talk about some of the top black business women and try to turn your thoughts to greatness!

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Paving The Way

For decades women of color have been taking the world by storm. We often don’t get noticed for our great accomplishments, but we should. Lately it seems that more and more we are starting to hear about black women and how great of a job they are doing.

But the truth is, we were great all along. It was just an enigma to the rest of the world that we could be so damn accomplished. We don’t hesitate to take life by the reigns and plunge through the depths of dirty water and wasted dreams. We rise, as Maya Angelou so fondly said. We are always rising.

From the days of slavery when Harriet Tubman led so many people to freedom, to the significance of Rose Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus. That was us rising. And we will continue without hesitation to take over the world in pants suits and red bottom heals because we are fearless. Believe it, know it, and live it from this day forward.

And now, on to the powerful women whose footsteps we need to so graciously follow.

#1 Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is the richest black woman in America. With a net worth of over 2 billion dollars, she continues to prosper and share her wealth through charity. In 2018, she donated 500 thousand dollars to the March for Our Lives student demonstration in favor of gun control in the United States.

It’s no secret that she is a self-made billionaire, but she wasn’t always that way. Like a lot of us, Oprah came from a childhood that wasn’t so great. She lived in poverty with her mother, was molested as a child and had a baby at 14 due to the molestation. Unfortunately, her baby died due to premature birth, but somehow, she managed to become the woman she is today.

She’s seen more than her fair share of troubled life and now is standing at the top of the mountain and loving every minute of it.

top-black-business-women-girl-boss-8#2 Shonda Rhimes

Yes, that’s right. Creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, and How To Get Away With Murder. Shonda Rhimes studied and worked her butt off to get to where she is today. Not to say that she came from horrible beginnings. She is the youngest of six children and her mother is a college professor and her father a university administrator, so I’m sure the books was a first priority in her house.

She had a knack for telling stories at a young age and followed that passion into her adulthood, now earning her a pretty net worth of about 140 million dollars. And we all know how talented she is because her shows don’t get missed. But let’s take a page out of her book and become one of those black women that are doing the damn thing.

#3 Ayanna Howard

Have you ever heard of Ayanna? Well if you haven’t then you should have. She is the bees knees when it comes to smarts and talent. She spent 12 years working at NASA as a senior robotics researcher and now has founded her own robotics company, Zyrobotics.

Since she was a small child she was interested in robots and she followed her passion that led her to where she is today, the Linda J. and Mark C. Smith Professor and Chair of the School of Interactive Computing in the College of Computing.

#4 Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is genius. She’s the first woman to be the state attorney general in California, yes, the first woman, and that means the first black woman. She focuses on criminal justice reform and protecting immigrant rights, and we all know how much immigrants need protecting right now.

As she rises to the top, she also focuses on expanding access to healthcare and education and pretty soon we’ll find out if that road leads to her being the first black woman to run for president. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

#5 Luvvie Ajayi

I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave Luvvie out of the mix. And who is she you may be asking? She is the best-selling author of “I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual” (props to my writers) a columnist, podcaster and veteran blogger. Yes ladies, I said that, blogger. Exactly what I am trying to get you to do now.

Who says bloggers can’t be great? She has an audience of millions and consults with brands as a successful digital strategist. In her early life, she was born in Nigeria and came to America with her family when she was nine years old and when she was older decided to study psychology.

She started blogging in 2003 and gained a following of about 500k followers between her website and twitter. That’s crazy, I can’t even imagine. So, you see, blogging isn’t a hobby. It’s a road to greatness.

top-black-business-women-girl-boss-4The Take Away

I’m glad I finished with Luvvie Ajayi because I want you to know that blogging may seem like the norm now. Everyone and their mother is doing it, but that doesn’t by any means mean that you can’t stand out from the rest.

Blogging has become a way of life now. It’s a way for you to build a great online business through affiliate marketing and talking about the things you love. It’s a way that you can set yourself apart from the rest. Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself. Know that you can do great things and no one can diminish that but yourself.

So, On That Note…

I will ask what I always ask at the end of my posts. Did you get your blog started yet? Have you starting building that one of a kind online business? If not, the time is now. Take your piece of internet pie and make if great. Gain your 500k followers and become one of the woman on the next list.

Learn from the greats and follow in their footsteps. You are one of a kind and your business will be too. So, take advantage of my deal. Get your 7 free days of training and your 2 free websites and build something great with it.


How do you feel about this post? Was it an eye-opener? Do you think you are ready to take control of your life? Drop me a comment below I want to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading my latest post.

Until next time ladies…XOXO


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  1. Moe says:

    I really enjoyed readying this article, black woman have so much more to offer & some may think they can’t accomplish great things because it may not be acknowledge but it can and your article helped a lot by talking about black woman that are successful.

    1. Hi Moe, Thanks for reading. Yes, black women have a lot to offer but often shy away because of societal norms. Well, not any more. We need to assert our independence and continue to rise as I mentioned in my post. We are all great and we can do great things.

  2. What a refreshing post! These are really strong women. Their determination is definitely exempleary. Anything is possible as long as you have faith, work hard and believe in yourself.

    1. Hi Carol, that is true, you said it well. Anything is possible especially in the world we live in today. Hard work will pay off in time and if its worth doing, do it well and you will see the reward.

  3. Jeanette,

    I am a male, but this post should be such an inspiration to all the talented black women out there, because you named some AMAZING talent in this article. Your truth here and realism is truly refreshing and all women should take notice because you definitely are on the brink of greatness and being a leader. Look forward to hearing more from you and anxious to see your leadership blossom.

    1. Hi Robert. Thanks so much for the compliment and for reading my latest post. I love using this platform to help women and I wanted to take the time to do something special for my women of color. I think this is a great way to start an online business and we should continue to be independent and work on bettering ourselves.

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