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Niche Ideas For An Online Business – 26 Unique Ideas For The Modern Woman

Good Morning Girl Bosses…

Get ready because this is gonna be a long one. Here we are again and I have something fun and exciting for you. As I was laying in the bed last night I started thinking of ideas for online businesses that not a lot of people seem to think of. Now I want to share some of what I thought of with you.

26-niche-ideas-for-women-girl-boss-11Here are 26 niche ideas for an online business that you would never think of. I hope you like my list because I think it’s super fun and one of these could be the perfect niche for your online business.

Before I Start,

I want to ask you, have you figured out how to start your blog? If so, then that’s great and I’m happy you are on your way to getting your business off the ground. If by chance you are still looking for a way to get started, I want to help you. Check out how I got started below and claim you free 7 days of training and your 2 free websites.

Now on to the fun part. My A to Z list of ideas that are super fun and a great way to get started building your online business. I hope you find something you like below. I know this post may seem a bit long but that’s only because I wanted to share a pointer or two with each idea and not just give you a list of words.


Archery –

This is one recreational activity that doesn’t get enough exposure. Use that to your advantage if this is something you are into. Start and online business about everything archery. From techniques to the right bows and gear, this is an excellent idea for an online business.

Baby Toys –

26-niche-ideas-for-women-girl-boss-2This is my favorite because I absolutely love all things baby. Which is why I have a baby site of my own. But if you are a lover of toys and baby toys this could be for you. I know baby toys is a big thing already but there are so many products out there that you could have a blog of your own and make it to stand out from the rest. Moms are always looking for toys for their babies and toddlers and new toys are always coming out so grab onto to this one.

Creative Writing –

Having a blog about creative writing speaks for itself. If you are into short stories, poetry, lyrics, just anything creative, then this is for you. I actually went to college for creative writing so I know what goes into it. Being able to share tips about the craft and work for people to read will go a long way. People love to read and more in digital format now, so this could be a good way for you to get yourself noticed for your writing and help others want to write as well.

Dog and Cat Toys –

Just like baby toys, there are people who treat their dogs as their babies and this is a billion-dollar industry. People spend a lot of money on their little friends and it’s a business to be had. If you are a lover of animals then try having a blog about toys for your four legged friends. Giving recommendations, reviews, and advice on which toys are best for which breeds could serve to be a good business.

Eating Disorders –

For the amount of people that suffer from eating disorders, starting an online business for helping them could be a good way to get your business going. You can sympathize with them and offer advice as well as services that could change their lives.


Free Services for People in Need –

What I love about this niche is how much it can help other people. So many people are in need of help who are struggling financially, physically and mentally, and this could be a way for your blog to prosper and help someone in need. You may be thinking how you could make money, but as I mentioned before, there are advertiser and pay per click services that could make you some money. This is definitely for the kind at heart and could pay off to be a big online business.

Glasses and Sunglasses –

This is a big market and a great idea for an online business. Millions of people invest in sunglasses and glasses on a daily basis including myself and we don’t always know what the best and latest trends are.

Homemade Soap –

26-niche-ideas-for-women-girl-boss-4Are you someone who enjoys creative home making Ideas? Here you could offer recipes, products to make soap as well as containers to hold them, but that’s not it. More and more people are turning to simpler soaps and lotions because of the amount of chemicals in store bought products. This business could show to be very profitable in time.

Indoor Gardening –

There are a lot of benefits from having an indoor garde3n, including the fresh oxygen that plants emit. And if you enjoy your plants all year round, this could be for you. It’s also a good teaching experience.

Jams and Jellies –

This sounds yummy, right? A blog about jams and jellies could be great for someone who loves the kitchen. Sharing recipes, creating new ones and reviewing over the counter products is a good start.

Kitchen Remodeling –

I love remodeling rooms in my house and this is no different. I always turn to online for tips and designs and this is a big business. You could share tips of creating a kitchen on a budget, recommend products you think are kitchen worthy and share design advice for those who don’t have the creativity. Not to mention the number of products you can review.

Losing Weight –

Even though this is already a big market, you could still get your piece of the pie because it is only growing. This is one online business that proves to be very lucrative.



Maxi Pads & Tampons –

Now Ladies, you may laugh but let’s be real. There are a lot of pads and tampons out there and honestly, I don’t know one from the other. But your business doesn’t have to stop there. This could be a one stop shop for girls struggling with that time of month. A lot can go into this blog, from hormones, the perfect pants to wear at that time, ways to curb those cravings, dealing with water weight, and more. Think about it, there isn’t enough information out there and a heart to heart blog could just land you the online business you’ve been wanting.

Niche Ideas –

Yes, I said it. Having an online business based on niche ideas. You could write about all possible niche ideas and why they could be lucrative therefore helping your fellow blogger with their online business. Sounds like a good idea, right? I like this one because there are literally millions of things you could write about and it will never get old. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who want to start an online business but don’t know with what. They are just attracted to the idea of working for themselves. That is where your website will come in handy.

Organic Foods –

26-niche-ideas-for-women-girl-boss-6We are at a time where organic is the way to go. But not all products are in the supermarket and sometimes there are products we don’t even know exist that could be reviewed on a blog like this one. This is a good way to go for those foodies who like to have clean eating. Keep this one in mind.

Photography Props –

Photography seems to be a big niche, yes, but rarely do you see an online business for photography props and how to use them. For the passionate picture taker, this could be it. Reviewing products and helping people to find the perfect props for their photo shoots could be a lucrative online business.

Quotes and Inspiration –

There are a lot of people who look for quotes and inspiration on a daily basis. This could be your chance to start a business offering this service. When we research online, those quotes have to come from somewhere, you could be that source. And remember, having a business doesn’t only mean selling to people, you would be helping people every day with your positivity and the money will come later. There are other ways such as Google AdSense and advertising that pay as well.

Running –

If your go to exercise is running and you want to share tips about a successful daily run, along with resting tips, tips for breathing correctly, and tips for healing those sore muscles, this niche is for you. I know it doesn’t sound like much now, but a lot goes into running every day and a lot can come from it. You can review products such as fit bands, and running shoes, even recommend the best gear and head phones for runners as well. By the time you are done you could turn this into a full-fledged business.


Soundproofing Music Studios –

I know this one may sound a little weird to you but after helping my husband soundproof his music studio, I found out that this could be a very good business to go into. Not only will you be giving tutorials and YouTube videos, but you’ll also be able to see a good number of products on your site as well driving in that commission.

Training for Marathons –

If you are a runner and love to train for marathons, this will be a good idea for you to get into. Even if you don’t run marathons, you can still help people with training and learning to breathe properly. This is a business that can be very lucrative because there are a lot of people who love to run and some who want to and don’t know how to get started.

Umbrellas –

26-niche-ideas-for-women-girl-boss-8My kids laughed when I came up with the idea to start an online business about umbrellas. But why not? There are a lot of umbrellas out there with different unique designs and this could very well be the niche that everybody sleeps on. Why not take advantage of the idea?

Video Game Tactics –

Who doesn’t love video games. This is a good business to get into if you are into games whether online or console. Teaching people how to beat the games could serve as a valuable business with you and why not throw some video game reviews in there for good measure?

Wine –

I know nothing about wine. And I’m sure there are a lot of people who say the same thing. It’s all trial and error with me, but your business could help people to find their favorite brands of wine.

X-Rays –

This online business is more for the medical expert. You have to really know your stuff but if and when you do, you can uncover some topics such as the side effects, what it’s like to get a cat scan, it’s all about the medical and giving advice to people so they are prepared before going to the doctors could be helpful.

Yogurts & Frozen Yogurt Recipes –

This is one is so much fun. Who doesn’t like yogurt and frozen yogurt? How about making your own? Or talking about much of the ones on the market already, what’s good and what’s not. It’ a yummy idea for a business.

Zippers –

Whaaat! Did I really just say zippers? You might not think that zippers are worth an online business but think about it, how many blogs do you see about zippers? This is a big market that isn’t tapped into and you could have a head start on building a good business. People use zippers for all kinds of creative things, from pillows and handbags to making their own clothes and upholstery, and if you know anything about this market then you know that along with zippers come reviewing sewing machines, the best needles to use for sewing zippers and so on. It’s not unheard of and a good start for someone who likes to sew.


Whew! That Was Long.

I’m so glad I’m finished typing that list as much as you are glad you’re done reading it. That was a lot to take in, I’m sure, but maybe this list helped you brainstorm and come up with some ideas of your own.

So, if you’ve found your niche and you’re ready to get started that’s great. Check out how I got started with my blog and claim you free 7 days of training and your 2 free websites by clicking below.


I want to hear from you! Tell me what you think of some of these wacky ideas for a business. Did you find something your like? Drop me a comment below and be sure to come back for more tips on starting your own online business.

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Thanks for reading ladies, see you next time.



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  1. These are excellent niches and some are very unique, which is great because there won’t be much in the way of competition. I love the idea on niches as your niche…I think it could help a lot of people out that have a hard time choosing one. Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Hi Chasnea, They are exciting, right? I love the unique ones, I think someone could really build an online business and target these niches and make it work because there’s not a lot of competition. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hello, Jeanette!

    Great list. Sometimes we need to think outside the box to find something we could be really good at. I love the umbrella idea! I’d totally be interested in reading about that. Maybe I could start a website myself about it in the future 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

    1. Hi Barbara, Thanks for stopping by. I actually think the umbrella idea is a great one for starting an online business. It’s very unique and could work out well in the later years. You just have to be creative with your content, and umbrellas can be that, umbrella are, designer umbrellas, there’s so much you can do with this and it could be big. Good luck it you go this route, I would love to know more about what you come up with.

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