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Jobs That Make Over 100k A Year – 10 Jobs That You Can Get Without A Bachelor’s Degree

Good Morning Ladies,

It’s another beautiful day and I have some advice for you.

Are you at a time in your life when nothing seems to be going the way you planned and now you want to make some changes? Is going to college worth it at this point? That is the question you continuously ask yourself because you’re not in your teens anymore. Or, is it too late to make a career change?

In this latest post, I will go over jobs that make over 100k and you don’t need to have a degree for them. But just a warning, you might need some years of experience before you can make that kind of money. So, are you ready for a career change? Are you ready to start your life over and work for yet again, another employer? If so, then you are in the right place.

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Life Choices…

Jobs-That-Make-Over-100k-A-Year-Girl-Boss Making a career change takes a lot of work. For one, it’s almost impossible to get a good paying job without any experience, even if you don’t need a degree. I found this out the hard way. I was working in pharmacy for 12 years and when I decided I didn’t want to do it any more I went back to college. I was 34 years old and just starting my BA degree. In an accelerated program I was able to finish by the time I was 37 but guess what? I couldn’t find a job.

Now a day’s employers want you to have a degree, yes, but that also want you to have 2-3 years of experience, sometimes even more before they will consider hiring you. So, my biggest mistake was wasting my time so late in my life and getting a degree that is pretty much useless to me and now I have student loans to pay back. Awesome, right?

If you went to college then you know all about student loans and how quickly that interest can add up so having a job that can pay for all of your living expenses, extra bills like credit cards, a car and insurance, and student loans can be a big burden. Especially when employers seem to be cutting back the amount of money they are paying people and the cost of living keeps rising.

Let’s Take Control…

We have a decision to make. We can sit around and be sour about the situation, or we can take control and figure out how to rock this bitch. I’m with the latter. That’s why I turned to starting a blog and helping people. Life is too short to waste the days away slaving and not actually living life the way it’s meant to be lived. On a beach sipping margarita’s.

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Now for the fun part. After doing some digging, I managed to find 10 jobs that you can get without having a 4-year degree and I will share my list with you. All of these jobs make over 75k a year and you do need to have a high school diploma and maybe even an Associate’s degree.


#1. Media And Communication Equipment Workers

Median annual wage (May 2010): $79,580

Degree required: High school diploma

Projected job openings (Through 2026): 1,600

Work experience: None

On-the-job training: Short term on-the-job training

#2. Radiation Therapist

Median annual wage (May 2017): $85,190

Degree required: Associate’s degree

Projected job openings (Through 2020): 6,700

Work experience: None

On-the-job training: None

#3. First-Line Supervisors Of Police And Detectives

Median annual wage (May 2018): $89,030

Degree required: High school diploma

Projected job openings (Through -2026): 6,900

Work experience: 1 to 5 years

On-the-job training: Moderate-term on-the-job training


#4. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

Median annual wage (May 2010): $93,370

Degree required: High school diploma

Projected job openings (Through 2020): 2,000

Work experience: None

On-the-job training: Long-term on-the-job training

#5. Construction Manager

Median annual wage (May 2018): $93,370

Degree required: Associate’s degree

Projected job openings (Through 2020): 120,400

Work experience: More than 5 years

On-the-job training: None

#6. Transportation, Storage, And Distribution Managers

Median annual wage (May 2018): $94,730

Degree required: High school diploma

Projected job openings (Through 2026): 7,800

Work experience: More than 5 years

On-the-job training: None


#7. Administrative Services Managers

Median annual wage (May 2018): $96,180

Degree required: High school diploma

Projected job openings (Through 2020): 99,800

Work experience: 1 to 5 years

On-the-job training: None

#8. General And Operations Managers

Median annual wage (May 2018): $100,930

Degree required: Associate’s degree

Projected job openings (Through 2020): 410,100

Work experience: 1-5 years

On-the-job training: None

#9. Air Traffic Controllers

Median annual wage (May 2018): $124,540

Degree required: Associate’s degree

Projected job openings (Through 2020): 10,200

Work experience: None

On-the-job training: Long-term or on-the-job training

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Now that we’ve covered that, I want to ask you another question. Did you know that if you decide to start your own online business your growth potential and salary potential are unlimited? Well, they are, and that’s my number ten.

#10. Affiliate Marketing

Median annual wage (April 2019): Varies

Degree required: None

Projected job openings (Through 2026): Unlimited

Work experience: None

On-the-job training: Long-term on-the-job training


Is An Online Business For You?

Starting your own online business could give you the freedom you want to live your life the way you want and also give you the opportunity to do something you love. But I want to be honest with you. Starting an online business isn’t for everybody.

Some women are much happier with a secure steady paycheck and going to a 9 to 5 jobs every day until they retire. And I have to hand it to them. If you are lucky enough to find a job that you love and you can make a lot of money doing it then I applaud you. Personally, I like to have the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want.

The downside to starting an online business is that it takes time. Not everyone has years to build a business and wait for the income to steadily come in, if it even does. It takes a lot of work and a lot of patience and not everyone wants to deal with that either.

Choosing to start your own business has to be a solid decision that you make for yourself and only you know if you will be truly happy doing it.

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Now that you have a list of jobs that can potentially make you a lot of money, you can choose one that you like, do further research, and not have to worry about going back to college. I hope this information was helpful to you.

What do you think is a good job to have regardless of money? What type of life would make you happy? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and I will make sure to leave a reply.

Thanks for reading ladies, hope to have you again soon.


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  1. Jennie says:

    Great and informative post! Couldn’t agree more that there are other avenues that could lead to high income pay that don’t require a 4 year or more college degree. While they might not be as glamorous or as easy to find as other, they are out there. I also like how you explained that starting an online business is a legit option. It’s definitely not easy, but people are doing it everyday.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes there are other avenues. I’ve been researching lately because my oldest son doesn’t want to do a four year college so we’ve been talking a lot about this and I thought it was a great topic to share for others. Thanks for reading my post!

  2. Morgan says:

    Awesome content!
    Very inspiring, thanks
    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Morgan!

  3. I wish I had this information 20 years ago. I wasted so much time going to community colleges every time one of my jobs became obsolete or vanished altogether. The honesty about some not being able to give up a paycheck on order to wait for income is very insightful. I have time and patience, I just hope I am able to learn the skills that it takes to achieve success. Beautiful Jeanette

    1. Hi Virgie, I agree. I too wasted time going to a four year college to make 30k a year when I could have found something better and had a better life, When I was graduating high school, aol had just launched and internet wasn’t really as big as it is now, there’s so much info now and I want to share and help women get a good life. Thanks for reading.

  4. I love list posts.
    Listing 10 jobs that you can make without a bachelors degree to me is brilliant. Your list and the way it read, made me want to investigate what your post was all about.
    Then within each of the list of 10’s title was another list: Medium wage, Degree required, Projected job opening, Work opening, On the job training. This was such credible statistical information, because it came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Then you drop in the 7 free days training & 2 free websites – this is a brilliant offer I’d like to take

    1. Hi Honor, Thanks. I do to, I feel like i’m getting a lot of information so I don’t have to keep searching, that’s what I was going for. Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you found some useful information.

  5. I just wish i had come across this site when i was a lot younger as i was very interested in becoming an air traffic controller . I had always thought it needed highly skilled personnel but back in the 90’s you couldn’t just research on the net .
    Highly useful info & im sure it will help a lot of aspiring upcoming professionals . Wishing you well

    1. Hi Reema, This is so true. I wish I knew this stuff when I was in high school, but like you, there was no internet search. Life is much easier now in that sense, so maybe I can help some younger ladies figure out what they want to do in life.

  6. I started affiliate marketing a year ago and even though I haven’t made serious money yet, I’m so excited I found about it. My site is getting better and I love working on it! One day soon, I’ll be able to work from wherever I want and whenever I want!

    1. Hi Jenny. That’s so awesome. I’m glad you were able to start your online business and will be able to reach your future goals. Thanks for reading my post and dropping a comment. Make sure to come back if you need advice.

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