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Is Blogging A Real Career? Some People May Disagree

To All My Blogging Ladies…

Is-Blogging-A-Real-Career-GirlBossHave you ever heard the term “blogging isn’t a real job?” If you tell people you are becoming a blogger, do they give you a weird facial expression or try to deter you from wasting your time? I was reading an article the other day and there were so many myths about blogging and what not to believe. The one that stood out the most for me was “blogging isn’t a real job.”

There are often times that I ask myself is blogging a real career, or if I am in fact wasting my time. The truth is, it is and I’m not. But to be totally honest with you, there are also times when I feel embarrassed to tell people i’m a Blogger when they ask me what I do for a job. I just feel they won’t understand. There are people who will disagree that blogging is a choice of career and that you can make money from it because you can’t show them concrete evidence right away. So, to answer the question, YES! Blogging is a real career.

Why Are They Oblivious?

It takes time to become successful and on some levels, people may not believe that this is even doable because they don’t have the same mindset as you and I.

If my father paid 150K to send me to college only for me to graduate and tell him that I was starting an online business and becoming a blogger, shit would hit the fan. This isn’t something any parent would want to hear from their newly graduated semi-adult and it would definitely create a wedge between the two of them, but why?


Because some people are ignorant to how far you can actually take your online business and how much money you could make from it if you are consistent and hard-working.

It would be okay for me to sit in an office and create content for someone else’s blog because that are paying me twenty dollars an hour, but what if I told you that you could make quadruple that if you had your own blog? You would be interested, right?

Do You Get Paid?

Yes. One of the best ways to earn money with your blog is through affiliate programs. The commission you earn could get you a hefty monthly income and you could have the luxury of never having to enter an office or have a boss again.

When I first started blogging I was ignorant and I can’t stress this enough. I was unaware of what the possibilities were and that I could even make a living doing this. Believe me, I’ve wondered about it and how other bloggers make it look so easy with their talk of making 5k their first month and so on.

Still Confused With The “HOW?”

I want to make this simple for you. I joined an amazing community of people who all have a common goal, to make their online business grow and have financial stability in their futures. One of the perks of this online community is their incredible affiliate program.

You don’t find many affiliate programs that will pay you a 50% commission on promoting their product, but this one does, and what are they selling? A goal. A future goal that you will be able to have the life you dream of and the luxury of financial freedom within years of starting.

And what do you have to do? Get other people to join in on your mission of living a great life.


Is It Worth It?

I recently started working on my second online business which is this, encouraging women like you and me and others to start their own online businesses, become independent women, and have the life they dream of just by going on and encouraging others.

But don’t let me sway you. You may have a specific niche (topic) you are interested in for your online business, and that’s okay, I still want to help you get started. I want to ensure that you can have the future you want, and the life you dream of.

Don’t let others tell you that this is not possible. Don’t let the ignorance of others convince you that you can’t have a life of freedom and not have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. Because you can. Simply by joining me on my mission and starting your own online business.

Don’t Believe This Is Possible?

Take a look at this chart. By referring just one person to join in on our online community, you could be making this amount of money each month. Now times that by about 100 and see what you get. That’s a pretty penny for just one affiliate program.


It seems like a bit much huh? You’re not a sales person, you don’t want to go door to door or stand outside of a supermarket soliciting people. Guess what? You don’t have to. Through your online business you will create content that gets people interested and in turn gets you referrals.

That’s where there awesome training comes in. You will learn everything you need to learn plus more to get you the traffic, money, and life you dream of. And this is all possible in just a short amount of time. Take a look at some of the courses that are available to you.


This is the business of affiliate marketing, and how you could make blogging a full time career with financial stability for you and your family. And it’s all possible started here.

Have I Made Any Money Yet?

Yes. I’ve told friends and family about my online business and the first thing they always ask is “have you made any money yet?” I think in their eyes because I haven’t made money since the first day I started blogging, it’s not a real job.

Is-Blogging-A-Real-Career-GirlBoss-10In the traditional sense, a job is somewhere you go, you do work, and at the end of the week you get a paycheck. So, because I didn’t go anywhere and I didn’t get a paycheck, I don’t have a job. WRONG! If you noticed, I left out saying I didn’t do anything, because I did. I did plenty of work in that week that will push me closer to my goals.

I created content for my business, I marketed on social media, I did SEO research, I came up with relevant keywords for my posts, I created pins for Pinterest, and content for Instagram and Facebook. I’ve started laying the foundation for my online business.

In about a year or so, when all of those people who were ignorant to my cause are sitting in an office, I will be living the life I chose and not dealing with a boss or the extra aggravation of commuting to work, dealing with snotty co-workers and not making enough money in my paycheck at the end of the week to make ends meet.

For all of those people who disagree that this is a career, don’t stress, don’t worry, and don’t be convinced. You just have to have faith, be positive, and work hard.

Blogging Is A Real Career

Is-Blogging-A-Real-Career-GirlBoss-8Blogging is a real career with great potential and you can have a great life from it. I always mention in my content that as long as you work hard and are consistent, and if you follow the training provided and engage you will do great.

Blogging is not a business that you can lay back and do nothing. Just like any business you have to be willing to work hard, and when the time comes, you can hire people to work hard for you while you take your vacations and relax on the beach.

All you need is time, dedication, hard work, and consistency. Everything else will fall into place.

Want To Prove Them Wrong?

If you’re interested in starting your own online business, in spite of what people may say or think, I have the perfect opportunity for you. I want to offer you an exclusive deal. Join my platform today for free and get 10 free courses to get you started on your journey and 2 free websites.

Don’t like it? No problem, there’s no credit card required to join so if it’s not for you, just delete your account and move on.

This is a great opportunity to start building your own business with training, support, hosting, and more. We make it so you will never need to go anywhere else and have everything you need in one place.

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Take a chance, except the gift, and show all of those people who say that blogging isn’t a career just how prosperous you can be.

Want to know more? Feel free to drop me a comment below and I will make sure to get back to you. There’s a lot to this community and a lot to building your own business so rest assured, you are not alone.

Until next time ladies…XOXO


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