Finding Your Niche

Finding A Niche For An Online Business – Top Five Niches For Women

Ok Ladies, Grab Your Cappuccino And Let’s Go.

In order for you to get started we have to find you a niche that you will be happy working with and successful in. That means it’s time to buckle down and get to work. Grab your pen and paper or your laptop and let’s make a list. We are finding a niche for an online business and you are going to choose which one is right for you.

Finding Your Niche

girl-boss-coffee-nicheI have looked around online for some top niches that women like to start in and let’s face it ladies, we love to give advice and tell people what to do and these next five topics will have you doing just that.

When I started my online business, I chose to go with what I knew the most about. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s my passion. I have many passions, like art, writing, and drawing to name a few, but I wanted to get into a business where I could help people and I honestly didn’t know enough about any of those topics to choose them for my business.

So, what did I choose? I went with the all classic Mom & Baby Blog. Here’s where I want to explain some of that WA magic. When choosing a niche, you don’t want it to be too broad. There are literally millions of things you could make into a business. If you choose a Mom Blog, then find something within the Mom category that you can target.

As I go through the five topics with you, I will give ideas of where you can start in terms of narrowing down your search using the good old fashion “Alphabet Soup” technique I learned at WA.

#1. Beauty


If you are into beauty and make-up and all things pretty then this niche could be for you. Personally, I am not a girly girl, but I do idolize those who take the time to turn themselves into a masterpiece every morning before leaving the house. I just don’t have the patience and rather throw on some leggings and sneakers and call it a day.

But if this niche is for you, then how can we narrow it down? Well, let’s look at the alphabet soup method. As I type “beauty” in the Google search bar, I start with the letter “a” and work my way through the letter “n” finding different phrases that could serve as a niche. So far, I have come up with 14 different niches in the space of 2 minutes. It really is that simple.


While offering advice on beauty products this would be a great way to use that affiliate marketing we talked about. Look for companies that offer products you could promote within your posts. Amazon Associates comes to mind, but don’t stop there, look at stores like Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s. Most stores offer an affiliate program you just have to check the bottoms of the websites.

finding-a-niche-girl-bossHere Is My List

  • Beauty Blenders – I didn’t even know this was a thing but it can be a niche.
  • Beauty Bars
  • Beauty Dust
  • Beauty Elixirs
  • Beauty Games
  • Beauty Giftsets
  • Beauty Hacks – I like this one
  • Beauty Hair Supply
  • Beauty Juice
  • Beauty Kits
  • Beauty Lights
  • Beauty Mirrors
  • Beauty Make-up
  • Beauty Nails…. That’s just to name a few

Now that I’ve showed you a simple way you can come up with a niche, I want you to try this method on your own and see what you can come up with you may just find the perfect niche you’ve been looking for.

#2. Mom & Baby


I find this to be the perfect niche for those stay at home moms looking to start an online business and make some money in their spare time. If this is you and you love to share your mom hacks, stories and tips with everyone else then the Mom Blog is for you.

With this blog, you can choose to put your focus on being a mom and how you survive, or focus on your baby and find a niche within the Baby sector. Narrowing down your search can be as easy as I mentioned above, and because Baby products are such a lucrative market you are sure to find your way to some added income when your blogging business takes off. Not sure if the baby market will get you what you need? Take a look at the chart below.

This chart is the global baby care products market value worldwide from 2018 to 2026 in US Billion dollar increments.


I think finding a niche in baby care products would be the perfect way to go for a mom who spends most of her time knee-deep in toys and diapers.

#3. Dating and Relationships


You might be thinking; how can I start an online business about dating and relationships. I was saying the same thing until I did my research. If you are well versed in giving relationship advice then this is the niche for you. There are so many people who know nothing about relationships and are looking for advice that you can offer.

But that’s not it. With this niche, or any one, you can start an eBook or membership service to monetize your site, you could even team up with businesses like and EHarmony for their affiliate programs and earn a commission for referring people to their sites.

#4. Fitness and Weight Loss


The Fitness and Weight Loss niche is a huge market to get into right now. Everybody’s on some kind of diet and looking for ways to slim down or bulk up. In fact, you could even label fitness as a niche within itself. You don’t want your niche to be too broad so you could try the alphabet soup method I mentioned earlier and see what niche within that topic you could focus on. This could be from specific diets such as Keto, Paleo, Atkins, and Weight Watchers to exercise machines, exercise clothes, supplements, or equipment, and the list goes on.

If you are into weight loss and fitness and you love to help people with this very thing then this is for you. It’s all about taking what you love and sharing it with the world. And you want to make sure you love what you are doing because when having a successful online business, you will be dealing with this niche on a daily basis.

#5. Shoes


OK, what woman doesn’t love shoes? There is about a hundred different shoe affiliate programs that you could apply to and they have some pretty good commissions. Nordstrom gives 2 – 20% commission per sale, Zulily gives a 10% commission per sale, Newchic gives 10 – 16% per sale and Fashionmia gives 15% per sale.

That’s just to name a few. Those commissions could add up to a pretty hefty paycheck if you are putting in your work. Before you know it, you could be a blog guru and teaching others how to follow in your footsteps.

Have you figured out how to start your online business yet?


If you are still looking for a sure-fire way to start your blog and don’t know where to turn, let me help you. Just as I have started my online business, I want to help you start yours. Take a look at how I got started with Wealthy Affiliate and get your free seven days of training, your 2 free websites, and interact with some greatest people in the business. You won’t be sorry.

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review Here!

I would love to hear about your experience building your online business. If you are struggling and have questions please reach out below and leave a comment. I will get back to you soon. Make sure to come back for more tips on building the perfect online business.

I’m expecting great things from you…


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  1. Hi there,
    This is a great article. Anyone that takes a look at your information will certainly receive great tips about starting their own online business. I love how you explained how to take steps to choosing a niche.
    I love the alphabet soup strategy! That is a very helpful tip!
    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can certainly vouch for their wonderful training. I would recommend WA for anyone wanting to learn the ropes.
    Have an awesome day!

    1. Hi Angela, Thank you. I am hoping to help others and maybe they can see also how great WA is and how much it can change their lives. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Great information for women website niches

    I like all the niches however I feel you can still add a few for women which are hot and those are purses and dogs (pets). They are doing well for most women I know online

    1. Hi Thabo, thanks for your suggestion. I actually did another post on niches for women and I have a list of 26 different ones, you should check it out, I think it’s pretty cool. Thanks for stopping by.

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