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Do You Know Your Dream Job? Figure It Out, Make A Plan, Succeed!

My Darling Ladies…

Do you ever really sit and think about what you will spend the rest of your working life doing? Do you know your dream job? Chances are if you are reading this then you either don’t know, need help figuring out, or you know but don’t know how to transition from this life to that one.

How about a plan? Have you made a plan for what you want to do with your career? If not, then now is the time to start thinking about it and making small goals for yourself.


DO-YOU-KNOW-YOUR-DREAM-JOB-GIRLBOSSWhen I was about 32 I figured out what I wanted my dream job to be. Some people may call it unrealistic but I honestly feel that if you want something bad enough you can work hard and achieve that dream.

I’ve always had a knack for writing, it’s just something I’ve done ever since I was a little girl. I lost that part of me as I got older. To me, it was never about using my talent to make money but it was just something that made me happy.

It wasn’t until later in life that I started to think more about the things that make me happy and what I wanted for the rest of my life, that I considered writing as a career. Just like movie actors and musicians, becoming a writer is hard work and for some nearly impossible.

But who says I can’t accomplish this? No one except myself. I am the only person who can stop me from following my dreams. And that is the same for you. So again, I will ask, do you ever really sit and think about what you will spend the rest of your working life doing?


Let’s think about the things you did as a child growing up. What did you tell your parents you wanted to be when you were a little girl? Did that dream come true?

Far too often, as we get older and bogged down by life duties, debt, and reality, we lose touch with the things we really wanted out of life. The things that our naive minds fantasized about. It could have been that you wanted to go to space, or you wanted to be a doctor.

Those things are doable. You just have to want it enough to create a path and not let anyone or anything stop you. Not even yourself. Nothing is impossible.


Just think, if being an actress, or a doctor or an astronaut was impossible then how could all the people that have done it, done it? Exactly. If I tell myself that it’s impossible to be a best-selling author then guess what? I won’t be. I’ve already decided in my mind that I couldn’t do it therefore, I’ve set myself up for failure. I’ve created the notion in my mind that what I dream of can’t be done therefore it won’t be.

But, If I tell myself that I can be an author, and I am talented and will be accomplished one day, then guess what? I will be. I’ve already made this possible by believing that I can do it. Now I can put a plan in action and figure out what I need to do to meet my goals.


Create small goals. Nothing you decide to do in life is done in one step. Neither will be accomplishing your goals. Taking small steps toward your goals will create a path that will be more attainable. And in the end when you look back at all you have accomplished you will see how far you’ve come because of those small steps.

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Think of this as taking a walk to your favorite restaurant. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time you will get there. If you stand still you will never go anywhere. The time will pass you by regardless of what you are doing, so take one step, and then another and then another. Eventually you will be sitting at your table and have a full meal in front of you.


The first step for me deciding to follow my dreams was agreeing that I could do it. The second was making a plan and the third was getting my BA degree in English and Creative writing. No, it wasn’t easy, and even at 32 I knew the road would be long but I still wanted to travel it anyway. And three years later, I graduated with my degree.

My next step was attaining my MFA in Creative Writing. This is what I am currently working on. I’ve already written a lot of fiction, nonfiction and poetry and I am working on my second dozen of children’s stories. So, what’s stopping me? Nothing. I will continue to take one step at a time until I reach my destination.


First, figure out what makes you happy. What are the things you are most passionate about? Once you figure this out, the second step is figuring out what you need to do to start moving in that direction. Do you need a degree? Are there jobs available? Is this something that requires a lot of work? When do you expect to meet these goals?

When you know what you need to do, then you can make a list of small goals that slowly move you closer to your dream.


Whatever you decide to do will take time. Nothing will be accomplished overnight. It will take time, effort, hard work and a little sweat but in the end, it will be well worth it.

Have you ever considered taking the one thing you love and helping other people who love it too? Like a blog…

You see, because writing is the one thing I love most, it’s become a way for me to help other people until I reach my goal. This is yet another step on my path to happiness. This could be you as well.


You can use everything you know about your passion and create a blog with it. I know it’s not your destination, but it is a way to get you started in working with your passion. How can you use your knowledge and help people?

Are there people who are also trying to attain the same goal as you? Maybe sharing your experience as your move toward accomplishing your goals will help others see that there is a way to do this and they could follow your path and reach their goals as well.

In creating a blog, not only do you get to help people, you get to work in your chosen field, and you could monetize your blog and create an income for your future. This doesn’t have to be your end. I encourage you, even if you do decide to start a blog, continue on your path. This is just but a step closer to your dream job.




Interior Designer

Wedding Planner

Cake Decorator

Fiction Writer


Graphic Designer

Children’s Book Illustrator


Fashion Designer

* * * * * * * * *


Don’t worry, if you don’t know anything about creating a blog, I can help you. Check out this online community and get started today. Build your blog for free and get the training you need to get started. No pressure, no credit card, no bullshit. 10 Free courses, 2 Free websites.



Thanks for reading my latest post. I want to hear from you. What’s your dream job? Did you find this post helpful? I hope you have figured it out and can start your journey to your forever dream job. Please drop a comment below. Let me know what you think and what you plan to do on your journey. I will be sure to get back to you.

Until next time ladies…XOXO


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    1. thanks!

  2. Tuawhenua Downes says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    What a great post, It was very motivational and showed me some interesting jobs.
    I have to admit, I am not a woman but I did take away plenty from this post, I know a couple of women that would love this post as well.
    Thanks again for the informative post.

    1. Hi Tuawhenua, thanks for reading my post. I’m glad you were able to gain something from it even if you aren’t a woman. I want to help people with starting their online businesses so you can use this info as well and pass it on to your woman friends.

  3. Thank you very much for the motivational boost. My biggest goal is to be at home for my family. But in this day and age its nearly impossible to make it comfortably on one income. I have to help. Fingers crossed I can crack the code on writing and promoting my blogs!

    1. Hi Ashton, I can sympathize with this. I had this problem at home too and had to learn to manage my time until I could start making money online. The time will come that you would be able to work and live comfortably working from home. It takes patience and hard work. But you can do it. Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful to you.

  4. This is a very nice article. I know what a part of me wants to do for the rest of my life but there is still another part of me that is searching. Does that make sense? Anyway, this article made me think a lot about it. I guess I still have some time but rushing and stressing are my thing haha. No, but seriously, this made me think a lot. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandy, Glad you were able to start really thinking about what you want in life. And yes, there’s always time, no need to stress, or rush. just work hard and you will get to your destination. It’s good that you know what you want to do, but like everyone, there is always some doubt of confusion. It’s okay to want more than one thing and okay to follow more than one dream. Just pace yourself. Please come back for more info. Thanks for reading.

  5. Monica says:

    this article has inspired me to do something better with my life. I am so sick of giving someone else my time. I go to work, leave my baby, and for what? To pay for my boss’s yacht? It’s bullsh*t if you ask me.

    I am like you, I love writing, and I have found it to be a release for me. After reading this, you’ve opened my eyes to what I can do with my writing. Like you said, the time will pass anyway, so why not try it? I can’t wait to get my blog up and running. I clicked through your link and I checked out this online community you mentioned.

    So far Im impressed. It feels legit and it’s free like you promised. Thank you so much for pushing me to finally do what I feel like I was meant to do. Heres to chasing our dreams together and coming that much closer to freedom! Thank you so much for this great post!

    1. Hi Monica, Yes, my point exactly. You should be able to live comfortably and work for yourself. Not do someone elses work and make them rich. I’m so happy that you were able to really connect to my post and able to get started on your journey. You will have great success with this online community and your business will do great. Time, patience, and hard work and dedication will pay off. In time you will have the life you dream and will be able to pay for your own yacht. Thanks so much for sharing your story and reading my post. Glad I could help.

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