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Can Hating Your Job Make You Sick – How To Know If It’s Time To Quit

OK, Baby Bosses…

Are you struggling right now? Is your job making you sick? If it is, it might be time to quit and change your life.

I want to tell you a true story. When I was working as a Pharmacy Technician, I hated it. I know that there are people who love this job and actually go to school to get certification in this field, but it was just not for me.

We are all put here for a reason. This is something I strongly believe, and I’m not going to try to convince you that starting an online business is the reason you are here, but think about your life and what has brought you to this point, right here, right now, this minute.

Think about some hardships you have had, the joys, the best moments in your life, and then piece it together. Are these moments in your life teachable moments? Were these hardships enough that you can help someone else cope through them or avoid them all together? If so, then maybe that is why you are here.

My Story

can-hating-your-job-make-you-sick-girl-bossI wasn’t put on this earth to be a Pharmacy Technician, and I knew that in my soul. No matter how much I tried to love the job, I just couldn’t. It wasn’t a right fit and every day that I spent doing it was a day that I wasn’t doing something that I love.

I grew to hate my job so much. Not because the people were assholes, or because the job was too much. Yes, they expected a lot of me, but that was to be expected. I was a Lead Technician so I had to make sure I was more experienced, a harder worker, and willing to go above and beyond to set an example for my trainee technicians.

But eventually, it started to take a toll on me. I started to feel unfulfilled. The more time that passed, I started to feel like a failure, like I was wasting my time and my life. And eventually, this lead to depression.

Depression is a serious illness. It can chew you up and spit you out. And that was what it was doing to me. It got to the point that I would cry when I had to go to work. I would cry on my breaks, and when I left it unchecked, I reached the point of wanting to commit suicide.

I slowly became this empty shell of a person that was a depressed, unhappy, overworked, tired, unfulfilled failure. So, I will ask this question again, can hating your job make you sick? Yes. And when mine turned me inside out, I knew it was time to let it go.

Do What You Love

You may not want to get into the business of affiliate marketing. You may not want to work from home, or enjoy your life by creating your own schedule and spending time with family friends. You may be a person who thrives on getting up every morning and heading to the office, and that’s okay. Just make sure you love what you are doing.

There are a lot of things that can happen physically when you hate doing something you have to do every day. Let me explain.

Chances are, if you hate your job, you hate your life. This is something that you do on a daily basis. More often than not, you spend more time on you job then you do in your actual leisure life. So, what can happen if you don’t change your career and better your life?

4 Reasons To Quit Your Job

#1 – Weight Gain

can-hating-your-job-make-you-sick-girl-boss-1You’ll probably gain weight if this hasn’t happened already. Yes, I said that. You’ve heard of stress leading to weight gain, right? Well, hating your job will cause you daily stress and this will in turn lead to weight gain.

You probably find pleasure in eating a Snickers or two at your desk just to have some satisfaction, because well you know, chocolate means instant gratification. Poor dietary habits will have you gaining on the pounds because food will become your best friend and your job or even yourself will become your worst enemy.

Take it from me, I am living proof that this shit can happen. Real talk.

#2 – Sleep Deprivation

You can’t get a good night’s sleep. It’s hard to sleep when you know you have to wake up in the morning to repeat that never-ending cycle of hating yourself and your job. Why even bother, right? Because you have to pay the bills and your family needs you.

You’ll spend endless hours staring at the ceiling trying to figure out where it all went wrong and then realize you only have an hour before the alarm rings for you to wake up. Sound familiar? Well, then. Between the stress, eating junk, and now not sleeping well, you’re creating a breeding ground for a mental break down.

#3 – Depression & Suicide

You’re probably feeling like you want to off yourself every Monday morning. Did you know that the highest suicide rate is on Monday’s between 8 and 9 am? Don’t believe me? Check it out. I’m serious. This information varies from place to place, but the fact that it’s out there should be telling you something. Some people really hate their jobs.

I used to dread Monday mornings, and loved Friday afternoons, and let me tell you, when Friday hit, I was looking for any and every excuse as to why I needed to leave early.


#4 – Low Sex Drive

Sex seems like it’s just not in the stars right now, huh? That’s probably because when you are feeling like the world sucks beyond repair and you’re slipping into depression, you can’t stand the through of being around other people let alone have sex.

If you are feeling unhappy, unrewarded, and underappreciated, you’re not going to want to engage in relations, especially if your work follows you home, which tends to be the norm. The typical job doesn’t end just because you leave the office. At some point, you are going to have work encounters, phone calls, and emails even when you are home trying to relax on a weekend or evening. It’s enough to drive you mad.

#5 – Alcoholism

Ever heard the term “Happy Hour”. Why do you think it’s from 5pm to 6pm on weekdays? Because people get off from a job they hate and try to repair that sadness and regret with alcohol that’s half priced. Sound familiar? So many people flock from the office to the bar to get in those early evening drinks and drown away their sorrows.

I’ve never been a big drinker, but that was my husband, and he hated his job. Alcohol became a crutch to help deal with the distress that comes from living a mediocre life and doing a repetitive job you hate. Don’t be that person.


So Where Am I Going With This?

You want to be happy, right? You want to feel fulfilled, rewarded, and appreciated, right? You want your life to be a life that you are happy with, right?

OK, so you need to find something that will make you happy. You need to find what you are passionate about in life and do that.

I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. You can start right now. I took that chance. I walked away from a job that I hated after 12 years. A job that made me want to kill myself, and once I was gone my life started to turn around.

I had been trying to get pregnant for 10 years, during which time I was working my hate job, and failed. I had two miscarriages, probably due to stress, and I suffered terrible depression to the point of being hospitalized and on medication, and I hated my life. I was unhappy and unfulfilled.

Now, since leaving and starting my life over, I have a toddler about to be two, I’ve returned to school and received me BA degree online, and are now in my MFA program. I have two online businesses that make me a steady income so I can be home with my son and I have more time for myself, my family, and my friends and I’m loving every minute of it.


Find Your Passion

So, this is what I’m telling you. Find you passion. Find your reason. Use that information to start your own business and have the life you want. The life you dream about. It’s doable. You can start an online business for free and believe me, you will thank me when you see how much you can change your life for the better.

If you want to take a chance, I have an offer for you. Look at the platform I used to host both of my online businesses, and see what I am talking about. I can offer you two free websites, which I use now, and 7 days of training which is about 10 courses that you will get absolutely free, no credit card needed. See if this is the life changing decision for you.

Take advantage of it and if you like it, build your empire on it. Use this along with about 1.4 million other people and see just how they have built their businesses and successfully have transitioned into the lives that they now have. It’s a win/win.

To join me on my journey and start your own, click here.

We have an individualized approach to helping you build you own business and give step by step instructions on how you can have the business you want. Don’t miss out, join today.

The Take Away

Ditch the sad life, create something great, find you inner awesomeness and be happy. You deserve it. Don’t let the weight gain, sleep deprivation, depression, low sex drive, and alcoholism become your forever life. Make a change, take the leap, and claim your life back today.

I want to hear from you. If you are struggling with a life like what I’ve described here and you need help to make a change, drop a comment below and I will get back at you. Don’t be shy, we are all in this together. Women supporting women! Reach out!


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  1. Thank you for this article! It was something I needed to read. I had left my previous job due to the stress. I was always stress eating and not sleeping. I was always in physical pain and just needed to go. That was the best decision I’ve ever made. It was hard to leave but now I know it was truly time to go. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sandy, I’m so glad you were able to figure out it was time for a change. I fought it off for a few years but it only made me worse. You’ve made a good decision and I’m happy for you that you are in a better place. Thanks for reading my post and sharing.

  2. Hi Jeanette,

    I can totally relate to what you talk about in this article. I’m definitely going try Wealthy Affiliate, it looks like a great way to potentially build an business that will allow me to quit my job!

    1. Hi Darren, Thanks for reading and sharing. Yes, this platform will help you to gain control of your life and build an online business you can be happy with. Good luck with your future and Wealthy Affiliate.

      1. Hi Jeanette, i am totally agreed with you that work stress can cause serious sickness. Do what you think will make you happy. Life is short, therefore find something you enjoy doing.
        Good luck.

        1. Hi Jessie, definitely. Life is too short to be miserable for more than half of it. Thanks for reading my post.

  3. Hi there, I hope this post serves as motivation for those who hate their job to take a step however small to change their current reality. Like you said, there are jobs you can do on the side if finance is a big issue and at least it puts you on the path to being able to hand in that resignation letter and moving on to something you love. I definitely agree that we should love what we do and if we’re not there yet, be actively working towards that goal. I see you mention depression/suicide as consequences of hating your job, it might be helpful to mention a few resources for those who find themselves in that place from someone who has been through it.

    1. Hi Tamika, thanks for reading. That’s a great idea, I will add that in. I do believe that we should be trying to better ourselves as individuals and find what makes us happy. I don’t think we were ever truly put here to be in a miserable existence.

  4. Lynn says:

    You addressed some really important points in the article. The very last job I had was working in a call center for a mail order pharmacy. Quite a few people at this job were on anti-anxiety and depress meds. One supervisor had a heart attacks on the job.

    I lost my job due to bad neck issues caused by being stuck sitting without being allowed to get up and down. This was in 2008. I have been working from home ever since, doing my own thing and I’m very thankful.

    1. Hi Lynn, i’m glad you were able to get out and work from home. I think it’s important that we try to be happy in our daily lives. Depression is real even though some people seem to not think so. When you are in that boat, it’s so hard to continue to live with your unhappiness. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  5. Thanks so much for taking us on your journey. I was in a similar situation many years ago and it was eating me up. I loved the business and the industry, but the company leadership was terrible. I won’t go into details, but it was ethically and morally corrupt. I knew I had to get out and didn’t know what to do. I was ripe for the plucking into Amway which I persisted with for about 18 months of hard work. The motivational aspect of it was great, but in New Zealand we didn’t have much in the way of products and most were overpriced. Feeling like I was working towards a better future helped me at work, although being out every night ‘showing the plan’ made me sleep deprived. Fortunately my positivity that had rubbed off, impressed a competitor and I was headhunted into an amazing role, probably the best of my life. Now I am once again looking for something in the was of mixing an affiliate income with my passions for writing and music. I love the way you link your story with a solution at the end.

    1. Hi Luigi. Thats great that you were finally put in a great position and are happier now. And thats good that you are following you passion for writing and music. We all need to find something that makes us happy, even if it’s on the side of our daily careers. Thanks for reading and sharing your story here.

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