Find Your Happy Place

Do You Know Your Dream Job? Figure It Out, Make A Plan, Succeed!

My Darling Ladies… Do you ever really sit and think about what you will spend the rest of your working life doing? Do you know your dream job? Chances are if you are reading this then you either don’t know, need help figuring out, or you know but don’t know how to transition from this …

Make Money Online

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work – Monetize Your Online Business

OK My Boss Ladies, here goes the nitty gritty… Before I knew anything about blogging, I was ignorant to affiliate marketing and how I could make money as a blogger. I knew that there were people who did this, I just didn’t know how and I had no clue there was training that I could …

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The Girl Boss

How To Become A Blogger In 2019 – What You Need To Know Before Quitting Your Job

To all my ladies wondering if blogging is for them… I know it may seem like quitting your job and becoming a blogger is the best thing you can do for yourself, but before you decide to give your boss the middle finger there are a few things you should know. This post is going …

Find Your Happy Place

Can Hating Your Job Make You Sick – How To Know If It’s Time To Quit

OK, Baby Bosses… Are you struggling right now? Is your job making you sick? If it is, it might be time to quit and change your life. I want to tell you a true story. When I was working as a Pharmacy Technician, I hated it. I know that there are people who love this …

Finding Your Niche

Photography Niche Ideas – 7 Concepts To Find Out If This Is The One For You

OK my picture taking babes… You love to take pictures, right? You want to make money from those pictures, right? Well then, maybe starting an online business with photography as your niche is the way to go. After doing some research, I decided this would be the perfect introduction to starting to focus on one …

The Girl Boss

Top Black Business Women – 5 Of The Most Influential Colored Women Paving The Way

Hello My Beautiful Black Babes… Today I want to give some inspiration to my women of color. I sometimes know society can be hard on us but it’s just because we are smart, beautiful and don’t take shit from anyone. So, now I’m going to use this platform to talk about some of the most …

Secrets To Success

How To Make My Website More Attractive – Do It Without Spending A Dime

Good morning girls, Is anyone here still tired? Because I am definitely not in the mood to be awake but seeing as how we have work to do, let’s push though this grogginess, grab some coffee and get to work. I want to use this post to explain to you how to make your website …

Secrets To Success

How To Create A Website On My Own – The Best Advice For Beginners

Well, Hello There Lady, So, you want know how to create a website on your own and I’m assuming you are a beginner blogger otherwise you wouldn’t have landed on my page. Don’t stress, I have the perfect advice for you. I’ll give you 7 steps to get you started, but I also want to …


How To Make Money With Clickbank 2019 – Turn Your Content Into Profit

Hello my darlings, it’s time to work. Now that we’ve covered getting started with affiliate marketing, I want to talk to you about how to use and make money with ClickBank in 2019. Using this marketplace is a good way to turn your content into profit so make sure to sign up and get started. …